Why Bologna?    has 4 important things:

Bologna “the Dotta”. The first university in the Western world is born within its walls.

Bologna the “La Grassa”. Everyone knows that in Bologna we eat well. Tortellini, mortadella and ragù are known all over the world.
Bologna the “Rossa”. The color of the plaster used, designed with over 350 shades of red and yellow, is the color of the city walls since the Middle Ages.
Bologna the “Turrita”. Because once there were at least 100 towers in the city.
We hope to let you know and appreciate all this.
Why Encuentro?
When people who come from different cities and countries meet, the best thing that happens is to “get closer” to an immediate sharing and emotion that comes from that thought of tango that everyone carries within himself. We will live all this within “a new story” that we will tell you during the BTE, we will live as in a long embrace until the new year … 2019.
We will dance illuminated by the spectacular lights of the Royal Hotel Carlton in Bologna, which will guarantee warm and sufficient light to see and invite. This is one of the most beautiful hotels in the capital of Emilia, located in the city center and convenient to the C.le Station, but also reachable by car because it is outside the pedestrian area. The 2022 BTE will take place of the prestigious Hotel, we will dance in a 300 sqm track that will guarantee the comfort necessary for this great event at the end of the year. All in one location, those who want to stay in the hotel that houses the encuentro. We invite you to respect the ronda and style of the event, invitation with the mirada (the look) and the cabeceo (nod with the head).

Bologna Tango Encuentro, being there will be engaging, participating will be exciting.

Tango… the dialogue between  two souls….: BTE 2022.

Bologna Tango Encuentro, being there will be engaging, participating will be exciting. Tango… the dialogue between two souls

“Inside a hug, happiness becomes a simple idea”.

Registration ended for each type of activity.

BTE 2023, come in and feel the tango …

General program


All Workshops will be in English and Italian

December 30, 2022

11.00 am Opening of the Association Desk, reception and registration of guests at the Royal Hotel Carlton.
12.30. Lunch at the hotel restaurant.
2.00 pm / 7.30 pm. “Explora tu Tango” Seminars with artists “
20.00 Dinner at the Hotel restaurant.
22.30 / 03.00 Milonga in the Parakultural room. Tdj Filippo Giacomelli. Milonga inauguration, entrance reserved for the lists of registered people. We kindly ask you not to show up except on the list.
Patrol and greeting from the masters: Barbara Carpino y Claudio Forte- Stephanie Fesneau y Fausto Carpino.

December 31, 2022


  • 10.45 am Tourist visit on foot departing from the hotel. For you and with you a guide / actress for a fun and cultural tour of the city. 🙂 Meeting in the Hotel Hall at 10.30: “Zdaura, witches and other demons”
  • 12.45 Lunch at the hotel restaurant.
  • 2.00 pm / 7.30 pm. “Explora tu Tango” Seminars with artists “
  • 9.30 pm Dinner at the Hotel restaurant. Served as a buffet. Admission by reservation only, via the limited number registration form. Everyone will have their own comfortable seat.
  • 11.00pm / 05.00am. Milonga in the Parakultural room Tdj Valeria Norcia and Sergio Piscitello. Admission by reservation only, via the registration form. Midnight snack with sweet, salty and fruit. Self-service water
  • 00.00 Toast to the new year with dessert buffet
  • 0re 1,30 Exhibition of the masters
1 January 2023
  • 12.30. Lunch at the hotel restaurant.
  • 2.00 pm / 6.00 pm “Explora tu Tango” Seminars with the artists “
  • The Milongas of January 1st will be open only to those registered who have received confirmation.
  • 0re 18.00 / 22.00 The late Milonga of the new year TdJ Angelo Mercurio
  • 22.00 / 02.00 La Despedita Tdj Valeria Norcia and Sergio Piscitello
Greetings and patrols of the masters
  • 11.00 greetings hugs exchanges of contacts and see you at the next BTE
    Return to the cities of origin



Tango Price

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+39 334 3305255

Cancellation policy:

COVID Directives: Those confirmed during the days of the event will be valid. In case of cancellation of BTE 2023 by government decree, all fees paid will be returned and no administrative costs will be retained, within the month following the date of the end of the event.

Cancellation for personal reasons, will be possible by 19.00 on 15 December 2022. No penalty will be applied and the fees paid will be returned by charging only the administrative cost of the operation. It is understood that it will be possible to transfer the booking to another participant with the same requirements and as always we will help you in this, if it is possible of course.

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