Welcome to the “page” of the BTE OTÕNAL.
It will be a long weekend in a cozy home, where we will live together, many hours of tango, with many dancers in 4 Milongas.
We will also host, “Tango Madama”. Three days mostly addressed to women, but not only to them, directed by :

Mariana Montes, Daiana Guspero, Marcela Guevara


Info: bte@serendipityart.it Whatsapp/Phone +39 334 3305255

Everything is organized inside the location for maximum comfort of the participants!

Registrations are now open



The laboratory and the Milongas will take place within a room of about 500 square meters. There is a neighboring room where you can change and arrange clothes for friends who are not resident in the hotel. The spaces are very large and as you will see in the package description, it will be possible to book the “SPA” inside the hotel: SKIUMA, for maximum relaxation after and before training and milongas. Everything will happen within the same location, as in our style.

October 29, 2022:
Free morning for the arrival of guests and accommodation in the rooms.

11.00 a.m. Opening of the Association Desk for BTE registrations and passes
12.30 a.m. onwards lunch
Conference from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm with the teachers
3.45 – 5.45 pm. “Madama Donna” seminar with the three teachers.
6.00 – 7.00  pm.”Madam Couple” Seminar reserved for couples with the three teachers.
Dinner at 8.30 pm.
10.00 pm.- 03.00 am.Milonga Bienvenida. Greetings from the teachers and welcome to the guests.
TDJ Paola Rossi

October 30,2022

10.45 am.to 0.45 pm. “Madam donna”. seminar with the three teachers.
3.00  to 4.00 pm. “Madam Couple”. Seminar reserved for couples with the three teachers.
4.30 to 6.30 pm.”Madama Donna”. seminar with the three teachers.
8.30 pm. dinner
10.00 pm.- 03.00 am. Milonga in the presence of the teachers

TDJ Andre

October 31, 2022

10.45 am.to 00.45 pm “Madam Women”

Final: from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm group practice with active guide by Marcela, Daiana and Mariana (duration 1 hour).
Group photo greeting the participants.

2 Milongas. Fiesta de la despedida!

Milonga de la despedida

6.00 am. -10.30 pm.TDJ Jessika Burgoni                   

10.30 pm. – 2,.30 am.TDJ Fortuna Del Prete

Greetings, group photos

November 1
Breakfast, greetings, hugs. See you on New Year’s Eve at BTE 2023
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